Computer Vision Datasets

Background/Foreground Separation


Perception Test Images Sequences (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore)

CDW 2012/2014 Change Detection Dataset (Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada)

BMC 2012 Background Models Challenge Dataset (Univ. Puy en Velay, France)

Stuttgart Artificial Background Subtraction Dataset ( Univ. Stuttgart, Germany)

Scene Background Initialization (SBI) Dataset (CNR, Italy)


Face Recognition


CMU Face Database (Canergie Mellon University, USA)

ORL Database of Faces (Cambridge University Engineering Department, USA)

Yale Face Database (University of Califonia, San Diego, USA)


Structure for Motion


3D human face data


Motion Estimation


The KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite


Hyperspectral Image and Video Processing


Hyperspectral Data Sample (SpecTIR, USA)

Hyperspectral Image Data (Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering, SCIEN, USA)